AutomateIt Guide for Open Mic+ (root)

Because of limitations of AutomateIt, Open Mic+ Integration is only available for root users.

AutomateIt Integration works for Open Mic+ 3.13+

1. Download AutomateIt
2. Download AutomateIt Shell Plugin

Easy Way:
3. Open AutomateIt and open the rules market
4. Search for RSenApps and download the rules for Open Mic+ for your corresponding free/donate version (you may have to register an account to download)
5. Change your trigger and you are good to go!

DIY Way:
3. Open AutomateIt and create a rule
4. After choosing your desired trigger, for your action choose AutomateIt Shell Plugin
5. Check run as root and then enter the desired command from below:

Free Version:
Start: am start -n com.RSen.OpenMic.Pheonix/.StartListeningActivity
Stop: am start -n com.RSen.OpenMic.Pheonix/.StopListeningActivity

Donate Version:
Start: am start -n com.RSen.OpenMic.Pheonix.Donate/.StartListeningActivity
Stop: am start -n com.RSen.OpenMic.Pheonix.Donate/.StopListeningActivity

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